There are many different ways to store and manage your virtual assets including EBC, ETH, ETC and all of the other ERC-20 tokens. Especially, EBCMask is an easy to use, simple-installation add-on that facilitates a seamless connection to the Blockchain network and enhances the speed of transactions' execution by allowing users to smoothly transact through their web browsers.

EBCMask offers a secure vault for users to create and maintain multiple digital wallets. All the sensitive information, funds and transactions are stored locally within the client's browser and nothing ever reaches the EBCMask's servers, which makes it fully trusted and secure.


It seems more complicated if you are new to the crypto world. However, the whole thing is almost self explanatory once you start using it.

Let's go!

Step 1. Install EBCMask: Go to EBCMask official website and select whatever browser we support and you want to use, follow the directions. Make sure that you create a strong-enough password, keep it and the recovery seed phrase somewhere safe.

Step 2. Create or import an account from other wallets using the private key or JSON file. (We recommend you use MyEBCWallet for security reason).

Step 3. Experience the convenience of EBCMask: To deposit coins and tokens, click on Deposit and copy the wallet address to fund your account. Contrarily, to send some coins and tokens, simply click on Send, enter the address and the amount, then confirm the transaction to complete sending process.